Arjun Rampal will be meeting AL CAPONE’s family in the US for his film DADDY

Al Capone, Americas most notorious gangster who died 70 years ago, is one of the sources of inspiration for Arjun Rampal to play Arun Gawli in the biopic, Daddy, made by Ashim Ahluwalia. Now, as the release of Daddy approaches, Arjun wants to involve Capone’s family, get them to watch his film and meet the real-life Gawli. In fact, the enterprising producer-actor has been stealthily making trips to the US to work out the Capone connection, which will soon materialise. Director Ashim Ahluwalia, who earlier made the dark biopic Miss Lovely on the horror specialists Ramsay Brothers, has clearly been inspired by Capone in Daddy. Arjun says “Capone was the Big Daddy of crime in America. But he was also a philanthropist and a socially-concerned individual. I’ve played Gawli as an honest simple dedicated individual with a dark side to his personality. I see many similarities between Gawli and Capone.”

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